Our Custom Upholstery Process

Bring yourself and your ideas to us and we will help you create your unique custom upholstery. We can assist by showing you collections we have assembled for you to choose from and adapt to your unique needs and desires.

Getting Started


Measure your space before you come to our store. This is on e of the most important parts of looking for furniture, especially for sectionals. Otherwise you might waste time considering options that are not possible in your space. Feel free to bring a floor plan and even pictures of the room you are looking to put the piece in.

We often hear the question, “ What size does this come in?” . We reply “What size do you want?” because there really are no standard sizes. We build the sofa to fit your dimensions.

What We Do

Our Niche

We are a unique custom sofa shop it that we are full custom. We have a flat structure and allow you to customize (within certain parameters) at no extra charge. If you add considerable size to the piece the price will go up. This is unlike other custom sofa shops that charge for every dimension change.

We generally work from “baseline” specs of sofa we are showing our store, to keep thins simple. The most common changes make are length, depth, arm with back cushion height, and firmness. We can change any dimensions you want, however these are the most common and simple changes. All these customization are done at no extra cost, made in the USA.



Sofas are pretty simple when it all boils down. You have 4 components: Frame, Fabric, Foam, Springs. That’s it!

People often ask us “are these good quality?” Usually followed by “what’s the frame made out of?” Which is funny because the frame is the component that is the least likely to ever have problems, no matter who makes your sofa.

Think about an old sofa…it’s the cushions that are flat and saggy, and often the springs are sagging as well, or the fabric that is worn or torn, or all three! But usually the frame is fine. That being said, we use kiln dried hardwood frames (alder), which is industry standard on any decent sofa.

Our strength is our foam, which really is the key to a long lasting sofa. Foam quality is determined by weight. An industry standard foam that you might find at Macy’s or other big stores is usually a 1.8lb foam. We use a 3.0lb foam. This means there is more rubber, which gives the foam more resiliency and longer life. The term “hing resiliency” is often used for any foam heavier than 1.8lb, however be ware as some manufactures advertise 1.9lb as “high resiliency” when in reality it’s about the same.

This higher resiliency does not mean it’s firmer. Firmness is different than weight. 1.8lb foam comes in sofa, medium, firm as does 3.0 foam. Our standard foam is a 3.0 soft, however you can choose what ever you want at no extra charge.

Frame: Kiln fried hard wood (Alder)

Foam: 3.0 High resiliency foam.

Springs: Sinous with 4” spacing versus industry standard 8” spacing (ours are closer together/ more of them)

Fabric: Many options to choose from, from many different textile mills (these are separate entities from our factory)